Social Media – Is Getting More Relevant to Your Business Daily…And Here is Why!

by Kim Starry on April 2, 2012

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One of the most, if not the most, prominent trends in internet marketing today is the trend of social media. Social media is getting more and more important. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur working from your home or a Fortune 500 company, you simply cannot afford to ignore social media anymore.

  Studies Show Buying Decisions Are Influenced

Studies show that the majority of consumers today are influenced in one way or another by the posts of their friends.

If a friend recommends a brand, a place, a movie or a restaurant through social media, that person is much more likely to become a customer of that establishment.

On the other hand, if a friend complains about a business through social media, research also shows that consumers are much less likely to buy from that business.  In other words, what people say about you on social media plays a big part in consumers' buying decisions.

  People Are More Willing to Share Links

When social media was first launched, people were cautious about sharing links. Sharing a link on Facebook appeared similar to sharing a link in an email, which seemed almost spam-like. In email, posting too many links is socially discouraged.

Today however, users understand that sharing links on Facebook or Twitter is perfectly acceptable behavior. Today users are sharing more and more links.  In fact many like when you share links it saves them the time of searching for themselves if it is something they are interested in.

If you are publishing top-notch content or doing something innovative, the potential for your content to make its way around the internet is much higher.  If it's interesting or innovative it will most likely be shared.

  Networks Influence One Another

The cross-pollination of social media networks is also getting increasingly faster. A post that gets popular on Reddit is rapidly going to get shared on Facebook. Something posted on Facebook will quickly be link shortened and posted on Twitter. And recently Pinterest has become very successful for pinning and is shared across multiple platforms.  And of course there is Google + which I see as being a search engine monster.  I think anything with Google in it's name you're smart to be active in for search engine ranking.

With or without your help, your social network is going to cross-post and cross-pollinate with other social media networks. The reach of good content and good promotions through social media is larger today than it has ever been, and I only see it growing.  Of course with your help it is going to grow much faster.

 Starting to Influence Search Results

Social media is starting to influence search results. Getting exposure in social media is going to help you increase your rankings in the search engines.

All this adds up to one thing: social media is getting more and more important by the day. In the past, social media could be just another marketing tactic you dabbled in. Today, however, it needs to be an integral part of any good business/marketing strategy.

If you haven't already gotten your foot in the door, start by choosing one network to master. Start with Facebook or Twitter, then the other, Pinterest and LinkedIn are very good depending on your audience. Of course you probably will not want to overlook Google + as I mentioned earlier. Then you may want to move on to bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit. Learn the system, build an audience and get in the habit of regularly posting great content.  Of course you certainly don't want to overlook the hub that brings everthing together which is your WordPress blog.

If all of this is sounding overwhelming or confusing to you remember we can help you.  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us, we can get you headed in the right direction, and work with you to grow your platforms and interaction with your ideal clients which will in turn grow your bottom line. Remember if you are not finding your ideal clients and customer base on Social Media…your competition is. Email me at today and let's get the ball rolling.

Also, we'd love if you would sign-up for our free weekly newsletter that will provide you with tips to help you grow your social media following, positively impacting your bottom line.  We will keep you informed of the newest trends and happenings in the industry.  Please sign-up today by filling out the form on the right-hand side.

Until next time have a great week!

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Chris Spoerl April 5, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Very good article Kim.  Social Media is just an electronic extention of people sitting around a table "talking: about places, people and things.


Kim Starry April 6, 2012 at 9:56 am

Thanks so much Chris I appreciate it. You are so right. The only thing is I’ve seen a few people that say things in a conversation online that most likely wouldn’t have said them if they were at that table…well maybe they would. I’m sure you’ve seen some of those comments. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter. Thanks so much for read my blog I really appreciate it!!!


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